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Seminar: Assertiveness For Professionals

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

In 2021, I organised a seminar for helping people be more assertive. Being done in times of Covid, it was easy to feel helpless. By being assertive participants could learn how to face life, situations and people assertively without being aggressive or passive.


The objective of this seminar is to help professionals learn the meaning of assertiveness and understand how to apply it at the place of work. The workshop looked at:

  1. What is assertiveness?

  2. Why is it essential for any professional and manager?

  3. When is it good to be assertive and when not?

  4. How to be assertive in difficult situations?

  5. How to communicate clearly without being aggressive or passive?

  6. How to win respect by being assertive?


The below is what was communicated about the seminar

Are you feeling stressed, frustrated or helpless at not being respected?

In this time of crises, if everyone is as stressed, exhausted and frustrated as you are, who is going to find time to give you what you want?

If we need something we need to value ourselves enough to: - be clear about what we want - prioritise our needs enough to ask for it. - be able to ask it in a professional way.

Otherwise, we will end - burnt out & demotivated. - angry at everyone, including our loved ones. - never reaching our potential. - destroy our relations at work and life.

Assertiveness is about being able to ask for what they need without being aggressive or dominating being too passive and accommodating.

In this 2 hour online seminar, I will share how being assertive & valuing myself has helped me improve my quality of life, gain respect at work and improved my career.

We will ask and discuss these questions: - What is assertiveness? - How assertiveness leads to a better quality of life and career prospects? - How to ask for what you need assertively? - How to deal with difficult managers or environments?

Whether aspiring to advance in your career, gain the respect of your team or simply improve your quality of life, assertiveness is an essential tool more than ever.


The topic created a discussion about a sense of powerlessness in the face of overwhelming people and situations. Through assertiveness the participants gained:

  1. Clarity: about the meaning and when it is ok to be assertive.

  2. Self-Respect: be able to empathise and not be hard on themselves if they are not assertive. The world can be hard.

  3. Taking Responsibility: take courage by listening to others' stories to make it easier to take responsibility rather than waiting for others to change.

  4. 4 Step Approach To Communicating Assertively: a 4 step approach was shared and discussed on how to be assertive.


Being assertive not only helps your career chances but also create a team environment that can be open and willing to deal with difficult situations. If you are interested to develop yourself further I can provide

  • Assertiveness Training For Companies

  • Personal Assertiveness Coaching For Individuals & Team Members

My name is Adrian and I help CEOs, managers and their teams to not only be able to come together as a unit, but to create a working environment that is safe, enjoyable to work in and allows for team spirit.

If you want to learn more you can contact me, by clicking the button below, for a free consultation or go to our Emotional Intelligence page to find out more.

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