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Emotional Intelligence Trainer & Mentor

(2020 - Present)

Having been a trainer since 21 years and a management lecturer for the past 5 years, I started to notice how much management is not just about performance and getting the job done but how much relationships can make or break a company. That is why I devoted myself to providing support to teams and managers who want to learn to perform as a Emotionally Intelligent Professional and Leader.


Team Building Workshops: With so much hassle at work, it is difficult to find time to invest in team spirit. Team building help rekindle a work spirit, deal with issues and reduces stress by up to 30% as people stop fighting each other and focus on helping each other.

Management Mentoring: Managers are people who need support too. Being a new manager is not always easy to adjust. I support managers to have the confidence they need to be able to earn the respect they deserve.

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