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Aim Big In Your Masters Thesis

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Looking back, I realise that the first two masters thesis students I was given to assist were quite easy in terms of the process. The students themselves were motivated, had a degree of knowledge of how to write a thesis, and they chose subjects did not require anything complication.

Don't Be Afraid To Aim Big

The proposal document of my first student included research based on data that he was going to get from the largest online retailer. The student took the initiative to contact a global online website to ask them if he could use their data for his research.

He had tried asking local agencies for such information, but they refused. However, the largest corporation of online trade in the world was ready to provide anonymous information to conduct a study on their behalf. He went with it and managed to do a very good thesis because he was not afraid of thinking big or being rejected.

It's OK If They Copy Your Idea

A common fear I come across is the fear that another person will steal the idea for the thesis. Although I don’t feel there is anything to be afraid of, I am quite sensitive to people who have this fear. At times people struggle to find an idea that makes them feel confident about their thesis. The idea of losing it to someone else terrifies them that they would have to start facing the struggle again.

The second student I was engaged in helping had this problem. The minute he submitted his proposal document, a study with the same title was published in all the newspapers. What we ended up doing was to focus on a particular aspect of what he had proposed rather than working on his original idea. This decision meant that the published research became an asset for him.

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