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Starting My Dissertation Tutor Journey

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

I became a Masters thesis tutor only by chance. I never planned to offer this service. When I look back, I see a peculiar and serendipitous set of steps. I feel blessed to be able to offer such a service and have the privilege of assisting many amazing students on the last stage of their Masters program.

When The Unplanned Is A Blessing

My first baby steps happened when I engaged in teaching ‘Market Research’ at Global College Malta. The course introduced me to scientific research, the research process and statistics. I spent way too many hours preparing and making sure I get my understanding of statistics correct. I only taught this course once, but my work on this was invaluable.

A couple of weeks after I finished this course, I received a call asking me to supervise two students for Masters Dissertation. I accepted even though I did not know fully well what the steps were to helping students achieve their goals. I started doing research on what are the steps for the thesis and watching YouTube videos on the subject matter.

When The Student Is Ready, The Teacher Appears

Just a week after I started my supervision sessions, one of the experienced tutors at Global College told me that his two students had got a distinction in the thesis. Perhaps noticing my confusion, he asked me whether I wanted to know how to help students get a distinction in their dissertations for the University of Chester. I was honest and eager to learn, so I agreed. I remember I received a clear set of steps that would give me confidence.

Fortunately, the first two students were good and had a good knowledge of academic writing. From then on, I used the relationship skills I learnt in therapy and added my passion for helping others. In the end, one student got a Merit and the other a Distinction. I kept learning and pushing the envelope of my understanding. I loved every minute of the work and each student that I was privileged to help.

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