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DramaTherapy Malta Website

Updated: May 15, 2021

Lou Ghirlando, a Dramatherapist practising in Malta, wanted to create an online presence of her practice. The aim of the website is to provide visibility of her practice as well as making it easy for people to find her practice on Google.


Brand Audit

As Lou Ghirlando’s practice of dramatherapy Malta is not a business, the key element was how to have a website that looks professional but is not corporate. By translating what she does in colours and feel of images, we could start to create a visual identity that would help us in the process of the website.

What we co-created with Ms Ghirlando:

  1. Defining what the visual identity of Lou Ghirlando was

  2. Determined the colours, look and feel of her brand.

Domain Selection

From the brand identity, we moved into choosing a domain that fits her practice. We did keyword research and looked at how people seek this type of therapy on Google. It was concluded that the best domain to choose was

What we co-created with Ms Ghirlando:

  1. Discussion on how best to be found online

  2. Keyword research into how people find such services

  3. Helped her choose, select and buy a domain.

Website Design​

Once we had the brand personality, the look and feel of the company, then we could proceed to create a website design that reflects those images. The design was chosen to meet the brand identity as well as be able to showcase Ms Ghirlando’s practice.

What we co-created with Ms Ghirlando

  1. A website design that communicated the brand personality

  2. A website structure that facilitates navigation through the services and products.

  3. A clean and modern design that balances a feminine look with a professional feel.


Once the website design was approved by the client, it was the turn to start developing the website. This entailed using WordPress platform and customising a third-party theme to meet the design requirements. This allows for the greatest efficiency and design quality.

What we co-created with Ms Ghirlando:

  1. A website based on WordPress CMS

  2. A fast and reliable template to base the design on

  3. Optimisation for security and performance.

Business Cards

Lou Ghirlando, my wife, wanted to create a new business card to match her online presence and have a card that captures her style and heart. Being a dramatherapist, warranted in the UK and in Malta, the card needs to capture both a degree of professionalism but still maintain the playful element that is brought about by drama and her style.

The front was kept simple where the main details were kept. Clean design goes a long way to show professionalism.

The back was then where the playfulness came in full bloom. Not only was this done to maintain consistency with the website but also to have a colourful look that brings in the playfulness of her work.

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