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EuroBridge Shipping Website & SEO

Updated: May 15, 2021

EuroBridge are a groupage service company operating in Malta. They required a revamp of their website to enhance their credibility online and attract traffic to their website. Also they wanted to rank in keywords such as ‘Shipping Malta’ and ‘Freight For


Brand Audit

As we were discussing the website design with EuroBridge, the company wanted to work at adopting a motto for their company. Together with their logo and their colour scheme of green, black and white, we aimed at creating a fun website that is based on the character Sam, designed by Marketlink.

What we co-created with EuroBridge:

  1. Defining what the visual identity was

  2. Determined the colours, look and feel of the brand.

  3. Incorporated the motto of the company.

Telling A Story

From the brand identity we moved into creating a story based on the motto character Sam. Sam introduces himself in the main page and is ready to give service to the visitors of the website. Then he shows what EuroBridge can offer and is ready to take any inquiries made.

What we co-created with EuroBridge:

  1. Design of a story line that incorporated the motto

  2. Created a cartoon for each page of the website.

  3. Designed structure of the website in the form of a story to guide visitors.

Website Design​ & Development

Once we had the brand personality, the look and feel of the company, then we could proceed to creating a website design that reflects those images. The design was chosen to meet the brand identity as well as be able to showcase for EuroBridge’s Services.

What we co-created with EuroBridge

  1. A website design that communicated the brand personality

  2. A website based on a WordPress CMS.

  3. A clean and modern design that is also functional and fun.

Basic SEO Optimisation & Reporting​

The website was optimised to facilitate Google Searching. This meant that each page was allocated a keyword based on EuroBridge’s needs and Keyword Research done. We attuned the pages to be able to start being ranked on the Search Engine.

What we co-created with EuroBridge:

  1. Basic optimisation of the site for ranking purposes

  2. Understanding of main keywords people look for

  3. Aligning site and pages to the keywords most sought after in Hawk’s industry.

  4. Regular reporting of ranking progress.

  5. Successful ranking in Page 1 of keywords ‘Shipping Malta’ and ‘Freight Forwarders Malta’.

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