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Hawk Aerospace Website

Updated: May 15, 2021

Hawk Aerospace wanted to create an online presence of their products and services. Being a drone and information solution family run business, the trick was to be able to position Hawk as a leader whilst still being approachable to the local market.


Brand Audit

Being a versatile and diverse company, the first important factor was how to bring out who Hawk truly are. Here we did a brand audit of the company and helped the organisation to come up with its new tagline. From then we developed the brand persona as the business technology solutions hero.

What we co-created with Hawk:

  1. Defining what the Hawk Brand is.

  2. Creating the tagline ‘Engineering Technology Solutions’.

  3. Developing Brand Personality.

Website Design

Once we had the brand personality, the look and feel of the company, then we could proceed to creating a website design that reflects those images. The design was chosen to meet the brand identity as well as be able to showcase the company’s market position.

What we co-created with Hawk:

  1. A website design that communicated the brand personality

  2. A website structure that facilitates the navigation through the services and products.

  3. A clean and modern design that balances approach-ability with professionalism.

Site Development​

Once the website design was approved by the client, it was the turn to start developing the website. This entailed using WordPress platform and customising a third-party theme to meet the design requirements. This allows for the greatest efficiency and design quality.

What we co-created with Hawk:

  1. A website based on WordPress CMS

  2. A fast and reliable template to base the design on

  3. Optimisation for security and performance.

Business Card Design

​From the brand identity, we moved into designing the business cards for Hawk. The company saw this as a move to keep a consistent look and feel of the brand. The cards were designed to bridge a modern approachable feel integrated with a high clean design that brings out the professional dimension of the company.

What we co-created with Hawk:

  1. A Clean and Professional Look

  2. A business card design that reflects the brand

  3. A format ready for printing.

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