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Why Manager Support Is Needed Today More Than Ever?

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

As much as I hope for better days, I ask what will we do until then? So I decided to walk to the Laferla Cross and found the area blocked. Even though Jesus said build your houses on rock, the foundations beneath the cross were crumbling. That is when I asked ‘What am I building my foundations on in my life?

Reflecting On My Foundations For Happiness.

I saw that when I built my happiness on whether

- life was good.

- people are easy and loving

- I have all that I want, right here and now.

Then I am left anxious and depressed as these are not in my control.

But when I built my happiness on:

- Whether I smile

- When I am grateful for what I have, even if it is nothing.

- Whenever I make others feel better

Then I not only am in my control, but these make me & others feel better. Although we all have our own crosses to carry, we can still be happy. I find that the heavier the cross is, the more we can support others to feel better.

What does This Mean For Us Managers?

As managers, this is essential as our role is to support others, not simply to gain from position, pay and status. It is important to remember that one in eight suffers from severe mental health and the issues people are suffering at the moment is huge. We are needed more than ever. But how can we support others, if we are exhausted, making the wrong decisions, hurting the ones that we love and losing respect for ourselves and others?

When we are not supported, the only way to exercise management is to push others to do what we want or to withdraw. It is sad to see how much bullying, covert or overt, is happening at the places of work. This is affecting the lives of many and indirectly hitting our bottom line is when people are not at their best, they don't perform at their best.

Where To Find Support?

Therapists have helped me to build my emotional intelligence and develop my mental health. Coaches have helped me to find confidence and knowledge to be able to grow personally and professionally. Today there are a range of support, free and paid, that any manager can tap into.

If we want to be leaders they respect, rather than managers they must obey, supporting ourselves helps us be in a stronger position. If you want to support your knowledge, you can join the free group Emotionally intelligent Professional. And if you want more personal support, feel free to contact me for an online coffee to see what you need.

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