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Seminar: Everyone Matters! Supporting Mental Health At Work

In 2021, I was engaged to do a seminar by Global College Malta on Mental Health at the Workplace in order to support organisations to be aware of mental health and develop wellness the place of work. The online workshop saw 25 participants from different industries engaging in a one hour seminar. The result of this seminar was that more people become aware of the relationship between mental health, profits and employee wellbeing in the prospect of creating better workplaces.


Covid threw the issues of mental health into the mainstream as 1 in every 4 people is having a mental health illness and a change in priorities for most employees. Wellbeing and mental health has become an ongoing issue that has managerial, employee retention and financial ramifications on the organisation as well as the wellbeing of every human working.

Researchers from Oxford and MIT found that employee wellbeing improves profit between 15% to 40%, customer loyalty by 30% and productivity by 20% whilst reducing staff turnover by 20%. This is an impressive find that shows that mental health is not only about treating people who are not well but about activating the potential of people within the company.


Everyone Matters: Supporting Mental Health At Work explored the current levels of stress, absenteeism, conflict and people leaving and the relationship this has on mental health and orgnisations.

The seminar gaveparticipants a basic outlook on the:

1) Difference between Mental health & mental illness

2) Signs and symptoms to watch out for.

3) Way in approaching people with mental health issues.

4) Impact of mental illness on the workplace

5) Role of organisations on mental health at work.

6) Resources and contacts you need for dealing with mental health.


A recent court case awarded an employee of a big pharma 14,000 Euros because the company fired the employee after he had depression. As mental health costs 1,300 euros per employee per year in Malta and as 1 in 4 people are having issues with mental health, it is becoming impossible to dismiss this issue.

I help CEOs, managers and their teams to be aware of mental health, understand how to tackle issues and set up company policies that make it clear where the company stands. Through this line of work I call Everyone Matters I help organisation get on top of this issue and leverage it as an opportunity for employee retention and wellbeing. I achieve by providing:

  1. Assessments that can contribute to understanding areas of growth and strengths.

  2. Seminars, half day, full day or 2 day onsite and offsite training to deal with the mental health of employees, managers and teams.

  3. Coaching and Mentoring for individuals and groups.

  4. Consultancy to help organisations set up neccesary skills and policies to deal with mental health.

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