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Case Study: Team Building for Government Agency

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

In 2021, I was engaged for a Team Building training and workshop to help a government agency to help create a better team spirit and collaboration. The offsite workshop took 15 participants on a journey of self discovery, fun and emotional tears. The result of this workshop was a better team environment, less conflict and a CEO who saved 30% of her workload.


ELT CEO shared with me that in coming in for the new role she wanted to tackle and improve issues of "poor teamwork and communication" of the team members she facilitated.

Although "there has always been awareness that work was needed to bring people closer together, build a better rapport, trust and confidence, work pressures made it difficult to make time". That is why I was engaged to create the time, space and journey that would help the teams make this possible.


Work Better Together was the title given to the 2 day workshop and team building activity. The aim was to take the team on a journey of self discovery in a way that gels the team together and enjoy the process. Through the two days we explored:

  1. What kind of team environment did the individual team members want to create?

  2. How could the team resolve its own issues without blaming one another?

  3. How can the team create psychological safety to feel free to communicate together?

  4. What compliments and positive feedback could they give one another?

  5. How can they create a sense of belonging and good vibe on a daily basis?

  6. How can they take the good vibe in the team building activity and implement it at their place of work?


According to the CEO, "all team members are being more understanding with their colleagues and making an active effort to communicate better and help each other." This was achieved as during the workshop the team had time to connect and understand themselves and their team mates better.

The effective result on the organisation was that not only was the work environment improved between the team members but the workload for the CEO got slashed by 30% as she did not need to deal with the problems that lack of communication and teamwork create.


Today the idea that teams need to be nurtured is accepted as it improves productivity & creates a sense of belonging whilst reducing conflict and wasted time. Throughout the day, work life can get so stressful and busy that there is no time to work on these issues. Also working with an external partner can offer a fresh perspective.

I help CEOs, managers and their teams to not only be able to come together as a unit, but to create a working environment that is safe, enjoyable to work in and allows for team spirit. This line of work I call Work Better Together and I achieve this by providing:

  1. Assessments that can contribute to understanding areas of growth and strengths.

  2. Seminars, half day, full day or 2 day onsite and offsite training to deal with the health of the team.

  3. Coaching and Mentoring for individuals and groups.

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