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Emotional Intelligence Training

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

In 2019, Global College Malta asked me to offer a leadership training course called Leadership & Managerial Effectiveness. This was an MQF Level 5 training accredited by the NFCHE of Malta. As part of this training, I gave two 2.5 hour training on Emotional Intelligence to aspiring managers and current managers.


The objectives of this module were to help the audience to understand the importance of emotional intelligence for managers and how to implement it in the workplace. The workshop looked at:

  1. Why is emotional intelligence & interpersonal skills important for leaders & managers today?

  2. What makes an emotionally intelligent manager & leader?

  3. How being self-aware and self-managed helps to improve our skills at work?

  4. How empathy and relationship management helps us create an impact at work?

  5. Experience what it feels like to be empowered and empowering others?


The topic created a discussion about the changing roles of managers. Currently, Malta and the world is shifting the understanding of what it means to work and manage people. This helped participants to gain:

  1. Clarity: Be clear about what it means to be a manager to bring in clarity and reduce confusion.

  2. Respect: Rather than simply motivating employees with carrots and sticks, managers can inspire without the need for coercion.

  3. Responsibility: Without taking responsibility, managers wait for others to change. Taking responsibility makes managers change makers.

  4. Influence: Understanding one's emotions leads to understanding others. This helps to be empathic and to take decisions that help the team.

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