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Seminar: Manage Anger @ Work

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

In 2021, I organised a seminar for helping people deal with the anger they are facing at work. Being done in times of Covid, it was easy to be frustrated at the situation and people as things were not working out well. By managing anger a manager or professional can avoid hurting others, lose career opportunities and get into trouble.


The objective of this seminar is to help professionals understand what is anger and how to deal with it. The workshop looked at:

  1. What is anger?

  2. How modern life does not help us deal with situations?

  3. A process to avoid blowing up in anger?

  4. What are the long term approaches to dealing with anger?

  5. How to speak about what you need without being too aggressive or passive?

  6. How to help others process their anger so that things don't blow up?

  7. How to win respect by being able to deal with elephants in the room?


This was the communication provided to participants before they joined:

Are you angry at pressures, challenging situations or difficult people at work?

Anger can be a difficult emotion since: - Keeping it in may cause constant stress. - Speaking out might annoy or hurt people. - Believe it is bad could make problems grow & explode.

I was bullied at school and work. Not only was I angry but I felt trapped.

Covid, work pressures & people can at time feel like a bully to the way we feel. Worst still anger makes us feel right and stops us from seeing or accepting potential options.

That is why after much suffering I asked for help. Listening to a different perspective made me realise that: - Blaming was not going to change anything. - Expecting others to change was useless. - Being my own hero freed me to find options I couldn't see before.

This helped me to: - become less stressed. - take better decisions. - earned respect from others. - build better relationships.

Hello, my name is Adrian and I am organising a Workshop to use my experiences to help you deal with your anger.

The aim is to create a safe space where people are free to share and explore ways to deal with their anger.

The workshop will include HOT SEAT exercises which will: - ask you to share your personal experience - explore your anger & why it is there. - examine possible options you may have.

The price for the workshop is 47 Euros per person.

You can contact me at if you have any questions or issues.

Since places are limited, registration will be confirmed upon payment. Upon receipt, I will send you the link for the event.

In uncertain times, knowing how to deal with anger is a superpower that allows you to feel more in control in life & grow in your relationships. Without it, we are left stressed and at the mercy of others.


The topic created a discussion about a sense of powerlessness in the face of intense feelings of anger. Through the seminar the participants gained:

  1. Clarity: about why anger is there.

  2. Discriminating Where Anger Is Coming From: participants were able to understand that although the source of anger may be a situation or people which you can't control, our reaction can be controlled with training.

  3. Taking Responsibility: take courage by listening to others' stories to how to deal with anger.

  4. Options To Deal With Anger: participants learnt different approaches to dealing with anger.

  5. 4 Step Approach Avoid Blowing Up: a 4 step approach was shared and discussed on how to avoid yourself and others from blowing up.


Being assertive not only helps your career chances but also create a team environment that can be open and willing to deal with difficult situations. If you are interested to develop yourself further I can provide

  • Emotional Intelligence Training For Companies

  • Emotional Intelligence Coaching For Individuals & Team Members

My name is Adrian and I help CEOs, managers and their teams to not only be able to come together as a unit, but to create a working environment that is safe, enjoyable to work in and allows for team spirit.

If you want to learn more you can contact me, by clicking the button below, for a free consultation or go to our Manage Anger Constructively to find out more.

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