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Eyetech Business Development

(20013 - 2016)

Eyetech is an IT support firm in Malta which specialises in IT managed and digital services. My role in the company was to build a digital department within the organisation delivering content and marketing services to other organisations.


Business Development

As a business developer, my role was to create products and services for the company and then find markets to sell them. ​What we co-created:

  1. Creating new strategies for the business.

  2. Product design and development.

  3. Time Management for myself.

  4. Client Management for services rendered.

  5. Managing employees.

Digital Marketing

As the company was growing, I was delivering the services myself whereby I worked on different projects. ​What we co-created:

  1. Design and development of websites.

  2. Website Management

  3. Content Writing

  4. Digital Marketing Strategy & Advisory

  5. Facebook Management

  6. Google & Facebook Advertising

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