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Hawk Aerospace Business Development

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

(2009 - 2013)

Hawk Aerospace works in business and aviation technology services. My role in the organisation was to develop the business internally and externally as well as working on marketing and selling the business.


Business Development

As a business developer, my role was to create products and services for the company and then find markets to sell them. ​What we co-created:

  1. Creating new strategies for the business.

  2. Product design and development.

  3. Managing administration of the company.

  4. Going to an EU Space and Business Aviation Conference

  5. Applying for EU funds.


As part of my work in the company, I was involved in promoting and selling the diverse range of products and services of the company. ​What we co-created:

  1. Promotion and marketing for the products.

  2. Face to face meetings and networking.

  3. Design and development of website.

  4. Working on marketing media.

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