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Soap Cafe' Malta E-Commerce Website

Updated: May 15, 2021

Soap Cafe' Malta, a Maltese natural cosmetic shop, wanted to improve their online presence and their online shop. The aim of the project was to:

  1. Design an online shop that reflects the image of the retail shop.

  2. Develop an online platform with modern e-commerce capabilities.


Brand Audit & Website Design

The first step was to have a brand audit of the Soap Cafe brand identity. What this means is that we want to capture the feeling and ideas customers have about the Soap Cafe' brand. Once we had this information, we could develop the look and feel of the website. We developed the design of the first page and when the client was happy with it proceeded to design the rest of the user experience.

What we co-created with Soap Cafe Malta:

  1. Defining what the visual identity of Soap Cafe is.

  2. Translated this visual identity into the colours, look and feel of the brand.

  3. Created the website design and user experience.


Once the website design was approved by the client, it was the turn to start developing the website. This entailed using the WooCommerce e-commerce platform and building a theme to meet the design requirements.

What we co-created with Soap Cafe Malta:

  1. Built an online e-commerce shop based on the WooCommerce platform.

  2. Set up the functionality to include vouchers, coupons and custom products.

  3. Optimisation for security and performance.

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